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Chacalli Den Haag B.V.

  Zeestraat 100 (In de buurt)
  2518 AD   Den Haag

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Chacalli-De Decker is Europe's leading Diplomatic Supplier, Duty Free Wholesaler, Retail Specialist, Local Airports Retailer and Genuine wholesaler of Agency brands. When Byron Chacalli founded our business, in 1954, he could not have imagined how it would grow to become Europe’s leading retailer dedicated to Diplomatic and Military supply. Nor would he have been able to envisage the way in which the experience gained over the years would enable us to provide the unparalleled levels of service that we now offer.

As Europe’s premier dedicated supplier we are committed to continue the very highest standards and exemplary service that have marked the last forty nine years of our history, by bringing you the finest selection, the best overall prices and the most reliable delivery service in the marketplace. With this promise we look forward not only to our Golden anniversary but also ahead, towards another fifty years and the celebration of our centenary!

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