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Metalino B.V.

  Kanaalstraat 7 (In de buurt)
  4905 BH   Oosterhout
  Telefoon: 0162-424552
  Fax: 0162-420786

  Email ons.

Metalino B.V. was founded in 1933 in The Hague, The Netherlands and subsequently moved in 1946 to Didam. Due to the increasing demand for larger premises, a major part of the production facilities will be situated in the newly built units at Oosterhout in 2000. During the global growth years in the sixties of the chemical- and petrochemical industries, Metalino engineers developed the “Metadruva” demisting systems programme, with spin-off in vibration control, flame arresting systems and gas filtration units, as well as the maintenance and reconditioning of these products.

Metalino B.V. nowadays is a major global player and appreciated worldwide as a flexible, cost conscious partner. In our production facilities in Didam and Oosterhout, totalling 7.500 m2, our engineers and technicians continuously investigate possibilities to improve quality and research into new applications required by the industry and improvement of existing technologies.

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