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Agriment International BV

  postbus 661 (In de buurt)
  7400 AR   Deventer
  Telefoon: 0570-660911
  Fax: 0570-676047

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International orientation

Agriment International is an independent consulting agency for the agricultural and food sector. From its roots in the Dutch agricultural- and-food sector, it has developed into an internationally oriented company.

Agri-food production chains

Agriment International makes its know-how available to Dutch and international businesses active in the various agriculture- and food chains. Agriment International has experience relating to all links in agriculture- and food chains: agricultural inputs supply, breeding, the entire process from primary production to processing, as well as the distribution and marketing of agricultural produce. In addition, we are involved in institutional and chain development.


Having been active since the early nineties, we have developed wide-ranging expertise, which includes the following services:

Strategy development

Partner search/match making

Feasibility and pre-investment studies

Financial engineering

Project management and technical assistance

Staffing & experts

Agriment International’s organizational structure is extremely flexible, based on an experienced, well-balanced core team. Additionally, Agriment International co-operates with a team of associated free-lancers, who work with us on a regular basis.

Finally, we have access to a large network of highly qualified, independent experts, who have a solid basis of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in management, technology, finances, and tax and legal matters.


Agriment International maintains an extensive network of contacts with companies and institutions in the agriculture -and food sector, not only in the Netherlands but also abroad, especially in growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

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