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Capway Systems BV

  Sleepboot 2 (In de buurt)
  3991 CN   Houten
  Telefoon: +31(0)307007700
  Fax: +31(0)307007600

  Email ons.
  BTW Nummer: NL005003386B01

The Capway Group is one of the world leading companies as main supplier of automation (machinery and conveyor systems) for the industrial bakeries. Using the latest technology, including robotic systems, the Capway Group (see capway.nl) develops, manufactures and installs fully automatic reliable production lines for bread, pan bread, toast, buns and rolls, as well as pizza’s and cakes. Via their sales offices in the UK and USA and a dealer network in many countries all members of the group, such as Capway Systems, Capway Pan and Capway Rijkaart, support and innovate the bakery branch with new ideas and equipment since 1923. Many well-known bakeries are working together with the Capway Group members as partners to achieve the best products, the highest quality and great results.

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