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BMT De Beer (Delfzijl)

  Duurswoldlaan 2 (In de buurt)
  9936 HA   Delfzijl
  Telefoon: 0596 74 50 02
  Fax: 0596 74 50 03

  Email ons.

Based in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Harlingen, Delfzijl and Antwerp respectively, Europe's gateways, BMT De Beer b.v. offers a comprehensive array of marine services and brings an unprecedented level of expertise to every aspect of marine surveying. Our professional staff of merchant marine officers and engineers are available seven days a week, twenty four hours a day for attendance at all N. European ports. They are available at short notice for any port in the world and are supported by highly efficient ancillary staff who ensure that all preliminary advice, reports and certificates are issued promptly. We are pledged to maintaining our high level of service whilst adopting a flexible approach to the ever changing needs of our clients.

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