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FTC Trust B.V.

  Schiphol Boulevard 231 (In de buurt)
  1118 BH   Schiphol
  Telefoon: +31204054747
  Fax: +31204054748

  Email ons.

With a professional staff of 25, FTC Trust has developed its services through more than twenty years of serving its international clients - be they multinational companies or high net worth individuals - by managing their companies, strategically located in the Netherlands. We enable our clients to make strategic moves on international markets when opportunities arise. Together with our extensive network of international tax advisors, attorneys and accountants we ensure that every step you take in internationally structuring your investments and operations is compliant. We have earned our clients' trust through integrity, independence, expertise, attention to detail and personal and operational excellence. FTC Trust is led by a team of four highly qualified directors with extensive experience in the European banking and financial services sectors.

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