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Scanology B.V.

  Van Sasse van Ysseltstraat 8
  5831 HD   Boxmeer
  Telefoon: 0485-561616
  Fax: 0485-561611

  Email ons.

For many years Scanology BV specializes in barcodes and other automatic identification techniques. The market for its products and services is found in the Netherlands, Belgium and neighboring countries.

Scanology BV offers solutions in Auto ID for coding, printing, reading and verification. It includes barcoding and Radio-Frequency (RF) transponders and every type of coding in between. Availability of data can even be managed by the web.

Scanology BV is marketleader in barcode verification equipment and in barcode imaging production for the graphic and packaging industr. Also several brands and models of barcode printers, scanners and data-collectors are provided for many applications. Besides solutions for Windows-environments, innovative solutions for Macintosh-platforms are offered as well. The Barcode Label Service department supplies preprinted and/or blank labels for various applications. Variable data printing is one of the specialized activities. The in-house Technical Service centre takes cares of all technical needs and is therefore trained at the highest level by manufacturers. Scanology BV also provides consultancy and training seminars in Auto ID. Therefore a Centre of Competence "RFID WORKS" has been set up, where (RF)ID is demonstrated in real-life applications.

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