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Buro BlauwBrug

  Geldersekade 94 (In de buurt)
  1012 BM   Amsterdam
  Telefoon: +31(0)204233119
  Fax: +31(0)204233152

  Email ons.
  BTW Nummer: NL8106.64.677.B01

Buro Blauwbrug was named after one of Amsterdam's most remarkable bridges that crosses the Amstel River near City Hall. The bridge was called 'Blue Bridge' by the people of Amsterdam since it was painted blue. That name became official after new bridges replaced the older, wooden ones' dating back to 1555. Buro Blauwbrug intends to be an all-round graphic design studio. In order to be able to meet our clients‚ growing demands and expectations we have created a reliable network of professionals ranging from photographers, web-designers, architects, cartoonists and illustrators. We co-operate closely with printers, lithographers and other service sectors. Our well-established relationships with them guarantee good prices, superior quality and on-time deliveries. We would like to show you what we can do for you. Of course you are always welcome to visit our Studio in the heart of Amsterdam. Hope to see you soon!

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